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Trace the 3-Point Arc

Posted by frenchboymatt on Jan 01 2016 12:00 AM

Basketball > SHOOTING > 3.Advanced Shooting

To be a great basketball player, you have to have practice game shots at game speed! Dennis Stanton of Every Level Basketball demonstrates an agility shooting drill that focuses on conditioning, and footwork.

Free Throw Shooting Drill

Posted by ILoveBasketballTV on Jan 01 2016 12:00 AM

Basketball > SHOOTING > 1.Beginner Shooting

In this video discover a great free throw shooting basketball drill! Swishes are +1. Makes when you hit the rim are 0. Misses are -2. Get to +10 to win

How to: Kyrie Irving Crossover

Posted by superhandles on Jan 01 2016 12:00 AM

Basketball > BALLHANDLING > Crossover

https://superhandles.net/killercrossoverHow to: Kyrie Irving Crossover | Best Crossovers and Basketball Moves. In this video, Jon "Superhandles" Hildebrandt (who Pac 12 Announcer Lamar Hurd called "the best ball-handler in the country, hands down), explicates and demonstrates the Killer Crossover, which is a dribble move that Kyrie Irving has utilized. This move was originally made famous by Tim Hardaway.To claim your FREE Killer Crossover instructional workout, click this link: https://superhandles.net/killercrossover This YouTube video also contains a clip of former Portland Trail Blazers announcer, Bill Schonely.Share this video with this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DbkhEPX34LMTo learn basketball crossover moves, shooting drills, and a quantitative 100 level curriculum, take a look at Superhandles University: https://superhandles.com/university

How To Improve Your Crossover

Posted by BallerBootCamp on Jun 28 2016 4:40 AM

Basketball > BALLHANDLING > 1.Beginner Ballhandling

Make your cross over better by following these drills

3 KILLER Basketball Conditioning Drills

Posted by BallerBootCamp on Jun 28 2016 4:44 AM

Basketball > FITNESS > Conditioning

Get in better shape and push yourself with these drills

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